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Caprese with Bufala mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, rucola salad and pesto sauce 9,90 €

Oyster La Perle Blanche 5,00

Assorted Bruchetta:

Traditional: tomato, basilic, rucola and garlic 1,70

Mediterranean: fried mussels, feta cheese, tomato, red onion 2,50

Cheese: Cheese Gorgonzola, pear, walnuts 2,00

Mushrooms: Mushrooms marinated in lemon, prosciutto 2,20

Delicacy: Foie gras with fig jam 2,90

On the sun: Tapenade of olives and sun-dried tomatoes 2,50

Beef Carpaccio with Grana Padano cheese, rucola and truffle oil 9,50

Tunafish tartare 13,20

Scallops with green peas puree, bacon, daicon and lime bark 13,50

Mussels in white wine sauce 9,40

Сaesar salad with chicken breast or tiger prawns 9,90

Salad with beef fillet, spinach, carrots, sun-dried tomatoes and balsamico 11,50

Cheese platter with jam and honey (Gorgonzola, Grana Padano, Provolone, Scamorza and Bri)19,00

Traditional italian meat platter (salami Milano, Parma ham, Pepperoni, Pancetta) 19,00

Pasta and Risotto

Pasta Spaghetti with fresh tomatoes, basilic, Mozzarella and pesto sauce 7,50

Ravioli with Ricotta cheese and spinach in walnut and Gorgonzola sauce 9,50

Tagliatelle with scampi and pesto sauce 19,50

Amarcord” - spaghetti with mushrooms and tiger prawns 15,50

Risotto with black truffle from Alba in a basket of grana cheese 21,50

Milano style Risotto with saffron and 24 carat gold 35,00


Vegetable soup Minestrone 8,50

Seafood soup with lemongrass and tarragon 14,50

Carrots and pumkin cream soup with shrimps confit and mint 11,50

Bright boletus mushrooms and mussels soup with pearl barley, garlic bread 12,00

Spicy beens soup with bacon and pasta 11,20

Main course

Ossobucco with gremolata ( lemon bark, garlic, parsley) 21,00

Foie Gras with сaramelized apples and Calvados 27,50

Chicken breast in Roman style (Pharma ham, Provolone cheese, sage, white wine) 14,50

Honey caramelized duck breast with foie gras, orange - coffee sauce and caramelized shallots 19,90

Beef tenderloin “Fellini” with Brie cheese and pear in red wine - bitter chocolate sauce 28,50

Beef tenderloin "Rossini" (beef fillet, foie gras, boletus mushrooms, red wine sauce) 30,50

Grilled T - Bone beef steak with oven baked chicory 38,00

Pistachio breaded lamb ribs with wild berry sauce 25,90

Zucchini - carrot vegetarian steak with rucola and tomatoes 9,90

Fish dishes

Grilled Tuna fish with artichoke and balsamic sauce 23,90

Grillet Dorada fillet with saffron sauce, asparagus and pine nuts 19,90

Roasted salmon with grilled peppers, tomatoes, onions, capers and olives 19,50

Sea bass roasted in a cartouche (potatoes, olives, tomatoes, capers, peppers) 28,50

Oven roasted Seabass in salt with sauces 28,50

Grilled tiger prawns in saffron sauce 28,00

 Side dishes

Butter baked fresh spinach 4,90

Oven roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic 4,00

Mashed potatoes 4,00

Grilled vegetables 4,90


Classic Тiramisu 9,90

Chocolate cake ''Fondan'' with ice-cream 9,90

Mint lime cake with Philadelphia cheese 8,20

Lemon - mint sorbetto 7,50

Lemon - mint sorbetto with vodka 9,90

Wild berries pie with hot berry - chocolate sauce and ice cream 9,90


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